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PayCargo is the most efficient electronic payment method in the freight and logistics business.

Moving secure online freight payments is as fast and easy as Ship, Click, Pay. Expedite the release of inbound air cargo held in warehouses at airports.


USD Billion

Over$2.5 Billion processed in 2018.



Over 20,000 Brokers, Forwarders, Importers and Truckers.



Over 4,000 Vendors in our network including major airlines & ocean carriers.


Cargo Release

Fastest cargo release, less than 1h for selected vendors.

We make it easy
as ship, click & pay.

Our online solution allows you to move cargo quicker and reduce payment costs more than any other platform available. Our patented technology allows you to eliminate extra processes and cut costs associated with errors, paperwork and personnel.

PayCargo, LLC, connects the payer and vendor on a real-time platform that transmits important financial information and payment. This immediate transparency not only improves payment communication but also allows for significant cost savings through automation and standardization.

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Our mission is to provide a more secure, efficient way to reduce costs associated with payment processing and to eliminate the traditional resource-intensive system of requesting, printing, mailing and delivering checks, wire transfers or cash, join other leading freight shipping companies and sign up with PayCargo today.

PayCargo-CNS System

Cargo Network Services Corp.(CNS) and PayCargo sign Agreement to provide the Air Cargo Industry an online payment platform for Imports in the U.S.

Two leaders in commercial freight payment solutions combine their strengths to bring efficiencies to U.S. Air Import shipments.

With the PayCargo-CNS System importers will be able to make online payments within minutes, and the payment data will flow to the Airline immediately allowing the importer to pick up their cargo at the airport facility within one (1) hour for a simple flat fee of $5.00 per transaction. The Airlines will receive their funds from PayCargo-CNS overnight and see their funds in their bank account the next morning.

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